In this episode, three seasoned aviation professionals have a very real conversation about what life is like after their plans changed both by choice and circumstance. Metaphorically speaking, even the best flight plan using the preferred routes is subject to a reroute. It is what we do with that reroute that will determine if we get to our destination or alternate.

In this episode I end up in the hot seat as Steve and Gord take the reins and interview me about my past both personally and professionally as a Pilot and Air Traffic Controller. I had no idea what was coming and since I trust both these gentlemen, I share a little more than I had planned. If you enjoy the Audio Briefings then this episode may lend a little perspective on where it all came from. If you are a new listener, we'd recommend listening to a few of the 70 past episodes first. 

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March 6, 2021

Work Smart Not Hard

Happy Anniversary! His episodes marks one year since we started the Audio Briefings. In this episode we get back to our roots with a short segment with a few tips and tricks on how to simplify your workflow and work smart when you're flying without working harder than you need to. They is specifically geared towards IFR flying. Thank you all for being part of this journey! We look forward to year 2 and what it will bring. 

Multiple failures? Those never happen! In this episode we debrief with Private Pilot, TBM Owner and Cardinal Aviation Client Jamie Linden. A few weeks ago Jamie and Audio Briefings Host Ryan were flying together in a TBM850 when they experienced a cabin depressurization at FL310. They talk about what happened, what went right and some things that may have been done differently. Most importantly the story is told so that others may learn from their first hand experience. 


In this episode we to chat with Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack Aviation (@angleofattack) about some of the risks and planning considerations for his upcoming late February flight in a C172 from Homer Alaska to Oshkosh Wisconsin including special considerations for American pilots flying in Canada. We talk mountains, survival and weather considerations before getting real and discussing how it is normal for even the most experienced pilots to have a bit of apprehension before a big trip like this. If you're a fan of @angleofattack you'll also get the story of how CLLLEEEEAAAAARRR! came to be. 


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February 14, 2021

Gord Stevens: Slowing Down

In this episode we start off by talking about slowing down in the airplane and have an interesting conversation about how COVID has forced us to slow down and re-evaluate how we approach life whether we like it or not. We touch on how communication has changed and share some personal stories. This is an aviation podcast but aviators are also humans and Gord and I often discover interesting parallels that apply to both flying and life on a deeper level. 


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February 7, 2021

Someone Had to Follow Matt

This week we talk about how amazing the aviation community is, why it is important to join your National aviation advocacy organization, getting back into the helicopter, my first engine failure that happened last week and a few other things that have been occupying my mine. Really, I recorded this episode so that nobody else would have to be the guest to follow Matt Beaubien form episode 65. 


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For this episode we could have gone with some flashy title like "U2 Pilot, Fighter Pilot, Reno Air Racer or Skydiver" but as we know from past episodes, those are all things that someone does, not what they are. In this episode we talk to the legendary Matt "Nova" Beaubien who does all those things but IS so much more. We talk about risk management, teamwork, trust and what happens if you S#!t in a quarter million dollar pressure suit. 

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Dayle Fontaine grew up on a small island and always wanted to fly helicopters. Twenty-Five years and a lot of obstacles later she finally risked everything to follow her dream and earn her commercial helicopter license. Interesting fact: Dayle is the newest member of the only 120 female commercial helicopter pilots in Canada and hopes that others will follow their dreams as well!

Steve grew up as the son of an airline pilot. He spent his childhood in the jumpseat but was always afraid to fly. After spending over 50 years as a white knuckle flyer he decided to face his fear head on and at the age of 59 earned his pilot's license. I talk to Steve and learn about how he conquered his life long flying demon to take control.

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