This week we are joined by Gord Stevens for part 2 of our mindfulness series. This series takes on many of the topics that have not been traditionally acceptable to talk about in an effort to shine a light on the human side of aviation. After all, airplanes don't fly themselves, people do. We discuss the power of believing that everyone is doing their best at any given moment and tackle our friend's accident head-on. You have heard about it in our past conversations but today we intentionally dive in to hopefully bring some closure to the topic. 


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In this episode, we answer a follow-up insurance question and chat with Commercial Pilot and soon-to-be Flight Instructor Russell Graham about a flight that he had that really gave him some perspective on how he sees and manages risk and decisions in flying. 

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In this episode, we chat with Martin Stork a former airline pilot who has discovered what life is like on the other side of the cockpit door. Martin shares his insights and experiences as he works to help other pilots discover that despite popular beliefs and their own narrative that they are more than just a pilot. 

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In this episode, we answer all your aircraft and aviation insurance questions with Pilot and Aviation Insurance Broker Caleb from Air1 Insurance. This is a must-listen for all pilots, renters and aircraft owners. 


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In this Episode, Gord and I go full circle with this one where we discuss how Everyone is Dealing with Something, including his removing himself from work due to his emotional load, the stressors involved with moving across the country, his early challenges with training and subsequent observations as an instructor of what pilots actually may be dealing with when they struggle in training and how “outside the airplane’ stress is very real.

(Part 1 of 4 of Cardinal Aviation's Mindfulness With Gord Stevens which will be presented on the first week of NOV/20, DEC/20, JAN/21 & FEB/21.)


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In this week's episode, we talk about making the perfect initial radio transmission on an IFR departure as well as share a funny story from a flight that we had today!

In this episode we talk about what has happened this week. We also continue our conversation with Vignesh Rajasekar and talk about what happened when someone reported him to the regulator for sharing his precautionary landing training method on a popular local Facebook group. 


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In this episode we talk with flight instructor and remote charter pilot Vignesh about some of his experiences as a pilot including the time he had an electrical fire in a C172 while on top of a solid deck of cloud. We also get personal and talk about what it was like coming to Canada and not only becoming a pilot but also becoming a "bush" pilot in northern Alberta.  

October 4, 2020

Mail Call

Can you believe that it has already been 50 episodes? In this edition I share a few very well thought out emails from listeners that are full of great feeback, ideas and questions. Thank you to all our listeners and supporters for sticking with us!

September 27, 2020

Check Your Hazardous Attitude

In this episode we discuss the 5 hazardous attitudes. Do any of them apply to you? I am guilty of at least one of them. Sometimes it is important to listen to the tough subjects, the ones that makes us a little uncomfortable in the pursuit of becoming safer, more conscientious pilots.


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